Angelique DelanoAngelique Delano

Angelique Delano

Mixed media - groups or series of works related to an overall concept, eg Climate Change, Human Rights, Natural Deterioration.
Charlotte GiblinCharlotte Giblin

Charlotte Giblin

A bold mix of colourful, textured landscape paintings and realist portraiture.
Debra BrockDebra Brock

Debra Brock

Bold evocative mixed media work depicting landscape nature and emotion.
Grant SimpsonGrant Simpson

Grant Simpson

Heart warming realism, leaving the viewer uplifted and feeling good about the world.
Jo GallagherJo Gallagher

Jo Gallagher

Original quirky acrylic paintings showcasing iconic NZ birds and characters.
Joanne MahoneyJoanne Mahoney

Joanne Mahoney

Original mixed media art influenced by my coastal environment and time in Asia.
Kate HillKate Hill

Kate Hill

Print/Mixed Media – Works including print, paint and fibre inspired by the local environment.
Kirsty BlackKirsty Black

Kirsty Black

Vibrant and contemporary abstract art - inspired by many multicultural environments.
Liz HartLiz Hart

Liz Hart

A watercolourist and a print maker - etchings and monoprints, who also dabbles in oils and acrylics.
Paul HeffernanPaul Heffernan

Paul Heffernan

Wacky ceramic characters, explorers, schemers and dreamers. Wall stories that will make you smile.
Paula McNeillPaula McNeill

Paula McNeill

Paula works in all mediums, surprising with her diverse use of colour and approach to modernism.
Reina CottierReina Cottier

Reina Cottier

​​A range of styles evoking
a connection to nature,
the ocean and humanity.
Sally SaminsSally Samins

Sally Samins

Abstract expression of observations, memories, and impressions of landscapes and other influences.
Sharen WatsonSharen Watson

Sharen Watson

Expressive paintings, loose brush strokes, multi layered texture and created subject matter.
Susan DunsterSusan Dunster

Susan Dunster

Vibrant, spontaneous expressive paintings, conveying beauty and joy. still life, landscape and abstract.
Verena TagmannVerena Tagmann

Verena Tagmann

Using colour, shape, line and texture to create abstract and semi abstract compositions.
Wendy WallsWendy Walls

Wendy Walls

Mixed media paintings rich in colour and texture using creative materials and techniques.